Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is huge – in every sense of the word. More specifically, close to 1 billion users throng the platform every month. Now, that’s a vast market you can use to add some money into your blinking bank account. Here’s how.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

For starters, affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product and getting paid some commission. Post colorful, highly attractive images to draw the attention of potential buyers. Of course, you will direct them to an affiliate link.  That way, you will earn some cash as long as a visitor buys something. The best way to do this is to place the link in your bio or captions.

Go the Sponsored Posts Way

While affiliate marketing works on Instagram, it requires that you have enough followers. And the logic is simple. You will not make much with 100 followers, for instance, in comparison to someone with 100,000 followers. Even then, you can create sponsored posts to highlight a particular product or service. The only secret here is to make sure that your content is highly engaging. Be sure to accompany your posts with branded hashtags, links or @mentions. Note – promote a product that your followers or target audience are likely to buy.

Sell Your Artwork

Okay. Very few people will purchase images of your hot, curvaceous body. Think about; you can get the photos of your favorite celeb at the click of a button, right? However, if you’re a photographer, you can cash in on your skills. Target agencies within your industry and be sure to protect your snaps with watermarks. Do forget to use captions to list anything that you’re selling.

It is essential to mention that for you to make money on Instagram by selling your artwork you have to maintain an active presence on the platform. Other than that, create appropriate hashtags to expose your work and possibly start a conversion with photography agencies.

The Bottom Line

Businesses are shifting online. The sooner you start to build your online empire; the easier is for you to find your footing. And, with the numbers growing every day on Instagram, it is time to join the bandwagon. One more thing; these aren’t the only options to cash in on the craze that is Instagram. Visit Income Artist to discover more way to monetize Instagram. Once again, the time to start is now. Don’t wait any longer.

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