Want To Move Aquarium? Try To Reduce The Stress Of Fish

An aquarium is generally set up in a particular place because it cannot be transferred very easily. However, because of some reasons, you may need to shift it from a room to another. Sometimes, you also require moving from one house to a different residence. The task becomes more difficult, while your aquarium is quite large.

Lower the stress- Save your fishes

One of the main facts, which should be considered, is that if the fishes feel stressed during the movement, they may have the risk of suffering from disease. Thus, the stress level needs to be controlled as much as possible. Now, in the website Come Into the Water, we want to inform about some precautions, which should be taken while taking the aquarium from one spot to another. With some techniques, you may do the work successfully and painlessly.

How to move the fishes

Although fish are shipped around the world all the time, we do not recommend doing so. Perhaps, you’re shifting to a very distant place (which is almost five to six hours from the current house), you must think of providing your fishes with new tank. However, if it is only one hour, then the task may become much simple for you.

It is better to bag all fishes in a way that is followed by any store. But, you have to see that the fishes are stored in a dark place because it helps in reducing their stress. In addition to it, you need to add some oxygen gas to those bags, which are holding your fishes.

If possible, you can save much amount of water of the present aquarium. While you want to reuse this existing water, it is possible to cycle the currently fitted aquarium within a very short time. There will also be no risk of the appearance of any negative syndrome.

It is true that during your move, there is always some possibility of losing a number of fishes. In fact, if the distance is shorter, then you can have success completely. While you move only a limited distance, all the above suggestions may work for you. Apart from taking care of the fishes, you must also look after the aquarium so that there may not be any scratch on the external surface. Thus, high attention is needed for both fishes and aquarium.

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