Types of Paint Sprayers and When to Use them to get the Finest Output in Painting Projects

Before buying a spray painter, you must know the type of paint you will use for the painting job. There are several factors to be noted before buying spray painters. You must know if you need continuous painting, the volume and pressure required when spray painting. The surface on which you will paint can also help you purchase a spray painter that suits the job.

Spray painters are more than a paintbrush

Painting on a canvas is different than painting a larger surface area, such as, walls, wooden surfaces, etc. When you use the right tool for the painting job, you will get the finest looking output. You can buy from three types of spray painters depending upon the job. One is the airless spray painter that is ideally used for painting fences, decks, cabinets, shutters, etc. They can be filled with thicker paints for painting jobs.

How to best use the spray painters

  • When using a compressed air sprayer use a hose as the spray pressure is more
  • Compressed air sprayers are more messier than the other sprayers
  • The HVLP paint sprayers are more expensive but give perfect finish
  • The HVLP paint sprayer are slower in their spraying mechanism
  • Always cover yourself well when using sprayers as they can shoot toxins into the skin
  • Do not use spray painters for painting smaller areas as the clean up can be tedious

Dos and don’ts of spray painting

When spray painting, always tape and cover other surrounding areas, so it won’t get messier. You can paint smoothly using the finest quality of paint sprayers. The perfect finish cannot be achieved when using a brush or a roller. Paint sprayers are ideally suitable for painting an entire empty room and furniture.

Paint sprayers cover even hard to reach areas that rollers and brushes cannot reach for painting projects. However, if you need a smoother finish for your painting job, you can use the compressed air sprayer and have an air compressor fitted. You can use this sprayer to paint furniture, and other larger items. The High Volume Low Pressure sprayer can be used to paint doors and panels.


Most of the sprayers come with adjustable features and are portable. You will find paint sprayers that are electric, cordless, or use gas to function. They also come with accessories, such as, filters, extension rods, and protective gears to help carry the paint jobs with perfection.

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