Things you should know about psychic abilities


There are excessively numerous psychic capacities out there that you don’t know. Some people are making good use of their ability while some are not using their psychic.

Perhaps you don’t even know what psychic means and their abilities. Am going to highlight here some categories of psychic abilities and you can also go to this site for more information.

Am going to explain the categories of psychic abilities you should know such as perception and support skill and things you should know about them.

Let’s start with support skills.

These are the groups of psychic abilities under this section

Meditation: This is the act of reminiscing what you have been taught, read or learn. Meditating shows that you are maximizing your psychic abilities.

Centering: This is your ability to focus your attention or your mind on something. We have different ways of concentration, some passive while some active but the basis of centering is all about your point of concentration.

Lucid Dreaming: Not everyone has the ability to do this, while some have but haven’t activated their potential. It is the act of having control over your mind and your dream.

Triggering: It is possible you might have used this type of psychic abilities sometimes ago. It is your ability to fix your mind on a particular thing to bring to your remembrance something you ought to do. For example, you fix your mind to bring to your remembrance your task for the day whenever you see a dog.

Visualization: This is the act of envisaging things in your head and this mostly happen when you are thinking

The second is the Perception

This type of psychic ability is all about getting information using your potential.

Clairvoyance: This is the act of using your third eye also known as the pineal gland to sight thing without your eyes and they will look real.

Telepathy: Have you seen people who are able to communicate with animals and humans? They are making use of their telepathy psychic ability.

Retrocognition: This is your ability to bring back event and occurrences of the past.

Empathy: Do you wonder why some people know your emotional state without telling them? That is the function of their empathy psychic ability.

Precognition: Often time have heard people say, I saw that coming. Initially, people don’t believe such person but they are real. It is the function of their psychic ability

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