The Rolex GMT Master Ceramic Series

If you are looking for a watch that is far much harder than the other regular metals like gold and steel then any watch in Rolex GMT Master Ceramic series is the watch to acquire. The strength of the ceramic makes the watch lighter than those made of other traditional metals. When people hear ceramic use in watches they normally think about the normal ceramics used in pottery. Ceramics, first used in GMT Master Ceramic, is a special mixture of inorganic, non-metallic materials used to create the bezel and other parts in this series of watches.

The ceramic is a very hard substance making it very difficult to get a scratch. When you decide to acquire one of these watches you are assured its color will not fade off and it can withstand high solar temperatures and ultraviolet rays. This makes it an ideal watch for people working in rough environments. Its elegance makes it also suitable for high-end functions. It is a multipurpose watch.

Strong substances do have a character of heaviness. That is not the case here. The strength of the ceramic makes the watch lighter than those made of other traditional metals. The lightness makes it possible to be worn for long hours without affecting your wrists. This feature allows it to be worn across all age groups.

It is even more useful if you have a skin problem or if your skin reacts to some metals. Individuals with different types of skins can enjoy using a ceramics watch because it is not coated with any metal.

These watches are called GMT because of the bar hour, minute and second hand, they have a fourth colored arrow-tipped hand called the GMT hand that moves at a one-half speed of the 12-hour clock and displays the time in 24 hours read from the bezel.

They have a 440 stainless steel casing that can be adjusted to fit your wrist is strong and corrosion proof. A double layer anti-reflective coating enables you to view the time even in direct sunlight.

The watch has a diameter of 40 mm making it ideal across the gender because most people prefer watches that are between 40 and 44 mm in size. GMT Master watches are waterproof up to 33ft below water meaning you can go on a swimming expedition with your watch on your wrist. These watches offer you value for money because they come with a warranty of one year.

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