Why People Prefer Using Instagram Bots

No one can argue about the popularity of Instagram. It is the one social media platform with the largest number of active users on a day to day basis. It is highly likely that anyone with a smartphone has an Instagram account or the Instagram app on their phone. However, like almost anything else in this highly competitive world, your popularity on Instagram is essentially measured by the number of followers you command. For this reason, most people have turned to bots to increase their following. Bots are programs designed to work tirelessly and get you as many followers as possible. They interact on your behalf by commenting or liking posts from other users. You can click me or read on to know why more and more people are turning to bots.

Lack of time

Life today is fast-paced with people working tirelessly for long hours to meet their day to day needs. As such, some people want to boost their online presence but can hardly find time to actively interact with other users. Bots come in handy if you fall into that category. They will follow, comment, and like posts on your behalf. Different bots are designed to work differently, thus, it’s important you choose one that fits your specific needs.


Getting new followers is one way of telling if your Instagram account is growing. Automating your account means that it stays active irrespective of whether you are online or not. This draws attention, making your account more visible. Depending on how you set up the bot, it targets users with the same interests as you or those under specific hashtags. By auto-liking and commenting on so many profiles, someone will take note of your account and either start following you based on how you’ve set up your account.

If your account is enticing at first glance, the increased activity will draw the attention of other users who might check it out and eventually follow you. The more followers you get, the better for you as you also improve the chances of being recognized by the wide range of community hubs.

Immediate results

The moment you start using a bot, the results are instant. Your following will start increasing and your posts will attract more likes and comments. Whether you are actively online or not, your account will improve instantly. That is one of the most satisfying reasons most people opt to use bots.


Automation is a fast and efficient way of growing your Instagram account and push your marketing strategy. However, whether to adopt or drop is entirely dependent on you. If you decide to use bots, you need to learn how to use them in the right way to avoid getting your account suspended.

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