Microsoft Windows Product Keys


A majority of Software on the market come with a form of protection for the deterrence of unauthorized copy and installations of software products protecting the copyrights of the software via demanding a product key unless it is an open source software.

Microsoft Windows Product keys also known as serial keys, License keys or Software keys is verification mechanisms for Microsoft operating systems to certify that the copy of the software is original and not pirated or stolen one. The product key in actuality is a string of characters (numbers, letters and symbols) excluding AEIOULNSZ150 that is unique for a copy of Windows operating system and procedures are in place that prevent two individuals using the exact same key. The omission of vowels and some other letter in the Microsoft Windows product key is devised to prevent any words to be spelled out to prevent unintentional results.

Cost Effective Microsoft Windows Product Keys

The Microsoft Windows latest versions come preinstalled in a very large range of computer hardware manufacturers but if you want to install Microsoft Windows in your existing machine  or if you are looking for very inexpensive product keys for a range of Microsoft software especially Microsoft Windows for installation, you can get some very good deals on this website http://www.keystoreonline.com/.

Product Key Verification Function

The product key is typically entered during the installation of the software and it is handed over to a secret verification function that is built into the operating system code. The verification function tests the entered product key against an algorithm that generates an acceptable solution with a valid product key. Once the verification process is a success, the Microsoft Windows Software continues to install until the finish otherwise a message of invalid product key is displayed and the installation is aborted.

Microsoft Windows Product Key Location

Microsoft Windows product key is a mandatory requirement for the installation of this most important software that runs all other software and does much more. As an instruction from Microsoft the product key should be kept in a safe place. If you accidently misplace it, you can get yourself in a serious trouble. You may need to reinstall the operating system for a number of reasons. In this course of action, if your old installation of Microsoft Windows is intact, there are certain software available that are known as product key finders that can help you to rediscover your Microsoft Windows product key of your installation which is stored in an encrypted form in the registry of the installation copy of Microsoft Windows provided that your operating system is in adequate functional condition. If you accidently lose the operating system’s key functionalities which happens usually through a sudden software corruption to a certain extent may be due to a virus or malware infection for instance, you will be unable to run any software to recover the Windows product key therefore it is a good idea to keep it physically protected in a written or printed form.

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