Why Mass Planner Was Shut Down and What It Means

Today we look at one of the most important features on Instagram – automated interaction. This aspect has been in use on social media networks for a long time. Unfortunately, some social media companies have been challenging its usefulness and authenticity.

Mass Planner is one of the many automated interaction tools that have been successfully shut down in the recent past. It was the most used automation service that would post, follow people and comment on posts on behalf of account owners. With the close of Mass Planner, the level of engagement on Instagram is definitely expected to drop. On the other hand, this move will go a long way in making interaction on Instagram more human-driven and authentic.

Was Mass Planner Beneficial?

If you have used Mass Planner before, you might have noticed tremendous growth on your account within a short span. The service simplified most tasks and allowed account owners to spend more time interacting with their followers. With these benefits, you would have thought that Mass Planner was here to stay. However, the main reason why Instagram had it shut down is that the service got overused and people started to get concerned at how unauthentic the platform was becoming.

What Alternatives Do You Have?

Fortunately, Instagram features awesome tools that can help improve your reach and remain authentic at the same time. You can still opt for alternative applications to Mass Planner, which are listed at Please note that these alternatives vary in terms of usability and features. It is therefore critical that you study each of them before use. Also note that it is likely for any or all of them to be closed down in future, so make sure you do not depend on them 100 percent.

Here are some old concepts that you can use to grow your account.

Improve the Quality of Your Photos

One of the first things you need to do is to upgrade your photo editing skills and ensure that you post great content. Refrain from posting blurred photos on Instagram, which is a visual content medium that requires clear stuff.

Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

Using banned hashtags can get your content hidden from your followers. Always check your hashtags to ensure that they are valid before including them on your posts.

Use Captions

Use captions to tell your story. Add a small write up to your posts and make sure it is relevant to the photo in question. Such write-ups give a personal touch that keeps your followers obsessed with your posts.

In Closing 

Mass Planner was of great help to many Instagram users, especially those who were very busy or owned multiple accounts. With its shutdown, it is likely that we will go back to organic account growth and advertising on Instagram.

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