How To Buy Plate Carriers?

Plate carriers are basically used as body armor but you can use them for many other purposes also such as to carry mission supplies, for law enforcement, etc. Plate carriers can also be used for fun activities like paintball. Soldiers have to wear plate carriers while being on duty. Plate carriers provide protection against rifle rounds and other bodily harms. Individual officers nowadays are taking more interest in buying armor plates because of the increase in incidents related to active shooters.

Plate Carrier Zone provides you all the important information regarding plate carriers. If you are interested in buying plate carriers you should know everything about it. It is not easy to buy the right kind of plate carriers if you don’t know much about plate carriers and their types. You should consider the following things while shopping for the new plate carrier or tactical vest-

  • Plate material – While purchasing a plate carrier, you should consider the plate material. Ballistic plates are made of different materials including polyethylene, ceramic and steel. Each kind of material has its own features. Different plate carriers have different types of ballistic plates.
  • Protection – Protection of your body is the main job of plate carriers and tactical vests. You should buy a plate carrier that can protect you from the threats you may have to encounter with. Soft armor is suitable for repelling handgun rounds whereas high level plate carriers are suitable for repelling rifle rounds.
  • Weight – You should consider the weight of your plate carrier while purchasing it otherwise you will have to suffer badly later on. The weight of your plate carrier should be suitable for the size of your chest and your body. If your plate carrier is too heavy, you will find difficulty in running at fast speed. It will affect your response time.
  • Ventilation – You will have to load the plate carrier with supplies while being on mission. Then you have to wear the fully loaded plate carrier on your body. It may cause lot of sweat on your body. Therefore, the plate carrier you are going to buy must be made of breathable material to allow proper ventilation.
  • Fully adjustable – Everything that you wear on your body must be according to the size of your body. This rule applies to plate carriers and tactical vests also. They should not be tight on your body otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.
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