Finding the Perfect Rental Apartment in Amsterdam at Affordable Rates

Searching for a place in a new city is always frustrating. First of all, you are new to the place and to top it all, you need to find a reasonable accommodation. If you plan to travel to Amsterdam for either personal or professional work, then you need to do your homework well in advance.

Updating Yourself with Different Rental Properties

Now, before you jump onto online portals and begin house hunting, you need to understand different rental options available for you to choose from. Amsterdam is known for their social housing facilities. In simple words, many of the Dutch people rent out their homes to travellers or expats.

They have a waiting list system, wherein, if you have any Dutch connection then, the possibility of you getting an accommodation in Amsterdam is quite high. Another option available to you is going through private rental markets. Here you may have to pay a slightly higher price that in the case of social housing. If you find that all such costs are too much to bear, you can always think of sharing an apartment with any colleague or fellow traveller.

Searching Through Online Property Portals

Online portals are an easy way to search for rental apartments in Amsterdam. However, you first need to decide what type of accommodation are you looking for and what is your budget. Secondly you need to check your convenience. How far would your apartment be from famous landmark or your office? If you like an apartment and would like more information about it, you can always contact the owner or estate agent and enquire on the same.

If you like an apartment, ensure that you immediately call up and fix an appointment with the owner or estate agent. Some of the things that you might want to keep in handy would be:

  • Keep all the necessary documents in handy
  • Ensure that you ask for a personal tour of the property
  • Stick to the time schedule provided by you
  • If you like what you see, ensure that you submit the necessary documents right away to seal the deal
  • Ensure that you go through the contract and see if it is as per your expectations

If you have a doubt in regard to the contract, ensure that you get it cleared right away.


Language can sometimes become a barrier. If you find the language to be a barrier when it comes to communicating with the owner, then you can always take the help of your friends or colleagues who are fluent in Dutch.

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