Extra Wide Pet Gates for Your Home

There are times when the normal-sized pet gate might not do the trick; you need a wider size to cover the existing entrance. This gate just enhances your role for keeping your loveable companions safe. Well, you can’t confine the pet in a single area all the time, it needs to get out and play. One way to achieve this without endangering the life of your pet is by installing a pet gate at an appropriate place such as the top of a staircase, fish pond, pool, and fireplace.

Staircase Gates for Pets

Extra wide staircase gates are ideal for obstructing wide entrances such as staircases, to prevent your pets from going through. These staircases prevent unnecessary accidents that might happen while you are performing another duty. These gates also help confine the pet in one region. These gates are also useful when you are expecting many visitors that might get distracted by a playful pet. Browse gates & doorways to know what level of safety you can enjoy for your pet.

The Length and Height

This gate is more accommodating due to its extra coverage. The height is dictated by what type of pet you seek to secure. Remember that dogs and cats have the ability to jump over barriers, therefore, take this into consideration.

The gate ought to be wide enough to fit the entrance. This is ideal so that you don’t have to buy a second gate to fill the wide space. Pets are strong, and will tend to push against barriers. Choose the securing mechanism wisely so that the gate remains standing even under some pressure.

The Type

You get to choose from hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted and freestanding gates. Hardware-mounted gates are fixed to the wall using screws and are ideal for use at the top of the stairs. This is the most permanent and sturdy gates of them all and are ideal for bigger and aggressive dogs.

A freestanding gate is ideal when you plan to use a single gate in different places around the home. This is because they are easy to relocate from one place to another. Pressure mounted gates are also permanent, though they don’t require screws to work.

Final Tip: The Material

These extra wide gates are made of different materials including plastic, wood and metal. This makes it easy for you to choose a style that suits your existing décor.  For instance, if you have a hardwood floor, you can choose a wooden gate that will blend with the floor design. The wooden gate can also be painted or varnished to suit the wall paint as well.

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