Drilling Through Ceramic Tile

Drilling through ceramic tile might happen once in a lifetime, but it is always good to be prepared for it. Circumstances that need drilling into tile might include that moment when you wish to install a fixture and the only thing you have to go through is the ceramic tile. You might argue that ceramic tile isn’t as hard as other materials, but still, you need to know the right technique before you can take any step.

Understand Where You Need the Fixture

The first step is to determine the exact point where you need to install the fixture. Plan this out to the last inch so that you avoid any mistakes. If the fixture you want to install requires several holes, use a tape measure to make sure the holes are in the right place. You can use a pen to mark the points of the holes, just make sure the marker is not permanent.

Know the Type of Material

Understanding the type of materials the ceramic tile is made of gives you an idea of whether it will be hard or easy to drill through. If the tile is manufactured out of clay alone, expect the tile to be a bit soft and easier to handle. If they are made of porcelain, then they might be harder.

Have the Right Drill Bit

You must make sure you have the right drill bit for the job. Visit Drill Bit Best to start the journey towards getting the perfect bit. The best bit for ceramic is a masonry bit with a carbide tip. The carbide tip is hardy and tough, making it ideal for dealing with ceramic. You can also use a special kind of bit called the tile drill bit. You also need to choose the right size depending on the task at hand.

Using the wrong type of drill bit can end up breaking the tile since it might not make it through the thickness of the tile.

Go Right Through

When drilling through ceramic tiles, make sure you go through way into the back wall so that you get a solid anchor to hold the fixtures. While at it, make sure you have some oil at hand to lubricate the drill bit because it will generate a lot of heat as it goes through the tile.

Final thoughts

The only time you might use a drill on ceramic in the home might be when you have to install a fixture in the bathroom or the kitchen. Either way, you need to understand the best way to drill through this material. Make sure you have the right tools and keep the drill lubricated during the process.

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