Dog joint pain home remedy

Joint is known as the place where two or more bones are joined together. They are designed in a way to permit mobility and give support to the skeletal system of any animal.

There are two different problems that affect dog joints.

Degenerative problems: This type of problem include arthritis, which is an inflammatory condition causing swelling, pain, wear and tear on the knee, back, shoulder and hip of the animal.

Developmental Problems: This type of problem includes dysplasia, which is known as the abnormality in the development of joints caused by environmental factors.

Symptoms of joint pain in dogs

These are clear signs that your dog has joint pain

  • When you dog start having distress in walking and then you observe your dog isn’t as active as it used to be, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with the joint.
  • Have you ever noticed your dog lifting its limbs up for so long? If yes, it is a sign that they have problem with their limbs and they do that to ease the pain.
  • Swollen joint is a clear sign your dog have joint problem.

Treatments for dog joint pains

There are two approaches to treat a dog joint issue and they both rely upon the condition of the joint damage. The method of joint treatment is in two sections; a surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment of joint entails sterilizing of the joint and sometimes it requires the replacement of the joint, however you should only opt for this method after other treatment options have proven ineffective.

Non-surgical treatment of dog joint is the act of using different method such as exercise, medications, home care and the use of supplements.

Daily exercise

If you really want to help your dog ease the pain they feel on their joint, then you must cultivate the habit of dog walking. Dog walking is generally known as low impact exercise and this helps to increase your dog tendon and muscles strength.

Home Care

Pet heat pads have proven to help reduce the pain and stiffness of joints for dogs and cats. All you need to do is to make a provision for a place, put your dog on the heat pad and let it soothes the joint, keeping the joint warm and reducing the pain on the joint.

There are lots of fake pet heat pads in the market and this is why you have to consult the experts www.petnap.co.uk , and be rest assured you are getting a quality product.


You must not use this method without the consent of your veterinarian. It is their responsibility to recommend treatment for your dog based on its health condition.

Irrespective of any means of treatment you decide to give your dog, I will suggest you consult your veterinarian.

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