How to Control Calories in Your Cup of Coffee

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So you’re a coffee aficionado, right? Heck, you could even be sitting in a coffee shop right now! There’s no problem in savoring your cup of espresso, mocha or latte, but the biggest question remains; how many calories are you taking in? To answer this question, you need to understand how many calories your cup contains.

For starters, the number of calories in your cup depends on the ingredients and so is the nutritional value. If you use skim milk, for instance, you could end up consuming as much as forty three calories. Whole milk, on the other hand, brings the total calorie count to seventy seven. Other additives such as sugar or caramel take this number a little higher.


Is Coffee Beneficial to Your Health?


Sure, a cup of coffee has a significant amount of calories especially when you consider that the recommended daily-calorie intake for men and women is 2,500 and 2,000 respectively. Even then, drinking coffee comes with a host of health benefits.

Repeated studies show that coffee may reduce the intensity of diseases such as dementia and type 2 diabetes as well as heart and Parkinson’s disease. Other than that, coffee is a stimulant, which means that it may boost your energy levels – that brings us to the essence of this article – how can you take charge of calories in your cup of coffee?

In all honesty, it all depends on you. As stated, it all boils down to how you prepare your coffee. You see, when you make your coffee, you’re in charge of factors such as the amount of sugar and milk. You can control the level of caffeine as well.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense for you to be careful how you prepare your coffee and the apparatus you use. Speaking of which, one of the best (and easiest ways) to make a cup of coffee is to use an espresso machine. The primary advantage of using this appliance is that you can get the right mix of ingredients and by extension control, the calorie-content in your cup. Visit to view a collection of espresso machines and why they make an excellent addition to your kitchen.


The Bottom Line


Coffee is addictive, but you can still drink it without overburdening your body with excessive calories. Also, remember to choose fresh beans for the best flavor. The National Coffee Association recommends that you store your berries in a dark, airtight container.

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