Brief Bowling Ball Purchasing Guide

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Bowling is a popular sport enjoyed by everyone. It is essential to have a bowling ball, which is suitable to the player. The weight of bowling ball will dictate how the person will perform. People with a desire to develop their bowling skills can benefit from a customized ball. When you select the ideal bowling ball, consider its composition, weight and skill level.

As he tries to show his bowling skills at the bowling alley using the balls rented at the premises is not a good idea. Being an avid player owning a personal bowling ball is necessary. Actually, going after brands will not enhance a bowler’s skill or affect his performance. He needs to focus on the feel and fit of a bowling ball, while selecting one. A comfortable bowling ball is easy to handle.

Features to consider in selecting a bowling ball


It is a vital feature to consider. A too heavy ball can make the bowler lose control and the risk of dropping a heavy ball increases. Buy a heavy ball but make sure, you can handle it effectively. Heavy balls are capable to knock more pins, so make sure to find a proper weight.

Small bowlers have less strength than the average ones, so they need to opt for a light ball. You can visit the bowling alley to experiment with different weight balls and discover the one that works best.


Materials used to design bowling also impacts the performance. Some balls respond differently to little movements, while others move in a straight lane. The bowler will select materials in accordance to his skill level.

  • Polyester/plastic – for beginner’s

It is least expensive and works fine in dry conditions.


  • Urethane – For intermediate

Works best on lightly oiled lanes and rolls with controlled hooks.


  • Resin – For advanced bowlers

Great entry angle with highest strike potential and performs the best on well-oiled lane. It is very expensive.

The composition of bowling balls differs and so they carry weight differently. For example, plastic balls weigh more in the centre, so perfect for beginners because they tend to bowl straight. Alternatively, resin bowls weigh more on its outside. It is ideal for generating the hook effect but hard for inexperienced bowlers to control.


Finger hole sizes also contribute in the bowling performance. Many bowlers have their bowling ball customized, so the holes perfectly fit their fingers. They can use heavier balls with custom drilled holes because the grip on the ball is better.

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