Are You A Salad Lover? Use Salad Spinner for Washing Salads

A salad spinner alternatively known as “Salad Tosser” is a kitchen device used for washing and removing excess water from green salads. It separates water from leaves using centripetal force. This is important for protecting green vegetables from limps. Moreover, it enables oil and salad dressing to stick to leaves. Though the device used to dry, spin and wash have been in existence for long but the modern spinners have originated in early 1970s.

These spinners are generally made from plastic and include an outer bowl with one inner colander or strainer basket, which is removable. An outside fitted bowl has a spinning mechanism which, when initiated, leads to rotation of inside strainer.

The slitted water moves to the basket in outer bowl. There are numerous ways of operating device like push buttons, pull cords and crank handles. Moreover, these spinners are available in different material varying from steel to plastic and in different sizes. You can check more options at http://www.spinningsalad.com.

A salad spinner is usually easy to use; however its rigid and large shape has led to problems in storing. It is generally bulky and hence difficult to store.

Here are the Alternative Uses of a Salad Spinner

  • Washing and Drying Vegetables

Vegetables and salads need to be cleaned and dried before eating  so that there is no dust left.

  • Removing Excess Water from Pasta

When making pasta dishes such as casseroles or pasta salad, it’s important to remove excess water from pasta specially, while making tubular pasta so that your pasta doesn’t get watered down.

  • Draining Beans

Rinse the canned beans and then set it aside for draining in the spinner for getting every drop of water out to beans.

  • Washing Berries

A spinner can be used for washing berries. Firstly fill the spinner with water and let the berries soak in it for few minutes. Then, lift the strainer for removing berries from water without brushing fruit.

  • Removing seeds from Tomatoes

A spinner can be used for removing seeds from tomatoes. For this, put the tomatoes into spinner and break them with your hands. Then spin it a few times for getting little seeds out.

  • Removing Water from Clothes

You can use a spinner for removing water from your swimming dress after swimming class. Moreover, it can be used for spinning water out of delicate clothes like bra.


Kitchen accessories are required for making your day today chores easy and time saving. A salad spinner is one such device that can be used for washing vegetables and salads.


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