17 Mind-Blowing Facts about Medical Equipment That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

facts-about-medical-equipmentHere is the list of the 17 Facts about medical equipment explained by Stethoscope Lab:

1. Medical equipment manufacturers are sad to be required by FDA to label some medical devices as “single use” because it would be unsafe for more than one use. The truth is, the manufacturers are labeling those medical devices at their discretion. The label only means that the manufacturer of the product did not conduct a research about their product if it is safe to use more than once or maybe for their economic reasons.

2. The urinary catheters, tracheal tubes, pacemakers and cardiac ablative catheter are reprocessed devices of SUD’s. (Single Use Devices)

3. In-house devices or hospital-use devices reuse and the manufacturer or third party reprocessing are just the same and can interchangeably be referenced.

4. Items that are in contact or involve in central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) can transmit CJD or Creutzfeldt – Jakob Disease.

5. Medical devices that were reprocessed do fail more often than the original devices. In which it leads to more patient harm or in other words increased the risk for patients.

6. Reprocessing is regulated inadequately.

7. Residues and cleaning detergents cannot be eliminated in some devices which have undergone reprocessing.

8. Reprocessed medical devices involve risk and because of that patients must be informed of use and let them sign consent papers for authorization use.

9. Some reprocessed medical devices provide no benefit at all to patients.

10.If the hospital is using reprocessed medical devices, they are probably just providing a secondary care.

11. OEMs were blamed for the malfunctions of reprocessed medical devices, unfairly charged for medical device’s reprocessing failures and have suffered from legal consequences because of the reprocessing.

12. Blood pressure monitoring or the sphygmomanometer was invented by Samuel Sigfried Karl Ritter von Basch in the year 1881. Before those days, to determine the blood or the arterial pressure, patients should first undergo an operation. That’s very ridiculous.

13. The stethoscope was only accidentally invented by Dr. Rene Theophile Laennec because he was only embarrassed to place his ear on the chest of a young female patient to listen to its heartbeat. Because of that, he rolled 24 sheets of paper to form a tube and place the one end to the chest and one to his ear.

14. The artificial heart was invented because of Dr. Dwight Harkin; an army surgeon saw several soldiers with shrapnel and bullets embedded in their hearts. However, surgeons from that time never attempt to have a heart surgery.

15. There are over 10,000 medical equipment used nowadays, and all have different function and purposes. That was a huge number!

16. Medical advances are improving each passing day. Billions of dollars are spent on medical research to improve the medical technology and services.

17. Leasing options are available in almost all within the pharmaceutical industry field. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your services will be limited because your office only offers a particular expertise.

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