17 Mind-Blowing Facts about Medical Equipment That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

facts-about-medical-equipmentHere is the list of the 17 Facts about medical equipment explained by Stethoscope Lab:

1. Medical equipment manufacturers are sad to be required by FDA to label some medical devices as “single use” because it would be unsafe for more than one use. The truth is, the manufacturers are labeling those medical devices at their discretion. The label only means that the manufacturer of the product did not conduct a research about their product if it is safe to use more than once or maybe for their economic reasons.

2. The urinary catheters, tracheal tubes, pacemakers and cardiac ablative catheter are reprocessed devices of SUD’s. (Single Use Devices)

3. In-house devices or hospital-use devices reuse and the manufacturer or third party reprocessing are just the same and can interchangeably be referenced.

4. Items that are in contact or involve in central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) can transmit CJD or Creutzfeldt – Jakob Disease.

5. Medical devices that were reprocessed do fail more often than the original devices. In which it leads to more patient harm or in other words increased the risk for patients.

6. Reprocessing is regulated inadequately.

7. Residues and cleaning detergents cannot be eliminated in some devices which have undergone reprocessing.

8. Reprocessed medical devices involve risk and because of that patients must be informed of use and let them sign consent papers for authorization use.

9. Some reprocessed medical devices provide no benefit at all to patients.

10.If the hospital is using reprocessed medical devices, they are probably just providing a secondary care.

11. OEMs were blamed for the malfunctions of reprocessed medical devices, unfairly charged for medical device’s reprocessing failures and have suffered from legal consequences because of the reprocessing.

12. Blood pressure monitoring or the sphygmomanometer was invented by Samuel Sigfried Karl Ritter von Basch in the year 1881. Before those days, to determine the blood or the arterial pressure, patients should first undergo an operation. That’s very ridiculous.

13. The stethoscope was only accidentally invented by Dr. Rene Theophile Laennec because he was only embarrassed to place his ear on the chest of a young female patient to listen to its heartbeat. Because of that, he rolled 24 sheets of paper to form a tube and place the one end to the chest and one to his ear.

14. The artificial heart was invented because of Dr. Dwight Harkin; an army surgeon saw several soldiers with shrapnel and bullets embedded in their hearts. However, surgeons from that time never attempt to have a heart surgery.

15. There are over 10,000 medical equipment used nowadays, and all have different function and purposes. That was a huge number!

16. Medical advances are improving each passing day. Billions of dollars are spent on medical research to improve the medical technology and services.

17. Leasing options are available in almost all within the pharmaceutical industry field. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your services will be limited because your office only offers a particular expertise.

Basic Tips to Prevent Flooding For Every Homeowner.

Have you been experiencing flooding and odors from your drainage system? There are a few things that can contribute to poor drainage, but there are some tips you can follow to solve the problem. Use the following guide for solving the drainage problem in your home:

I.Drain the septic tank. The septic tank is a major component of the drainage system as this is where fluid waste flows for storage before disposal. When this tank is full, water flows back to the source which causes flooding in your house. To solve this problem, drain your septic tank regularly to create room for more liquid waste.

II.Clean the drainage and collectors. Dirt and debris clog the drainage system and reduces the flow of liquid waste. Avoid draining incomparable materials through your drainage system as this block the pipes and the water flows back. Use a pressure pump to push the accumulated dirt out of the pipes for smooth flow. Clean the sinks and the bathrooms regularly to ensure no debris interfere with normal flow of liquids.

III.Get rid of mold and pests within the drainage system.

Use recommended pesticides to get remove pests and mold that accumulates within the tubes. Follow the guidelines given by the manufacturers to avoid corroding the drainage system with concentrated solutions and still get rid of all the unwanted microorganisms within the pipes.

IV.Use the recommended pipes and appliances. Some of the drainage problems arise from low-quality equipment and tubes. Some pipes are so weak to keep up with pressure from the flowing liquid which leads to bursting.

The choice of right appliances and tubes depends on some factors such as the size of the house, weather variations, and coverage of the drainage system and terrain of the area.

Make sure that you purchase appliances that can withstand temperature changes, for instance, those that can comfortably dispose of hot and cold water efficiently.

Seek advice from experts on the best appliances that fit your individual needs.

V.Repair damaged appliances. Clogged sinks, damaged water heaters, leaking pipes and faulty washing machines lead to flooding in homes. Manufacturers design water heaters to receive endless water supply all day long. A simple leak from the water heater translates to the continued flow of unwanted water which eventually leads to flooding.

If these tips do not resolve the flooding and odor problems, contact a plumbing repair specialist to evaluate your drainage system. The problem may be a bit technical which requires an expert. Visithttp://www.pimpmysink.com/ and get some of the best advises and reviews of the best sinks in the market. In this site, one finds a large collection that caters for both residential and commercial use.

Dog joint pain home remedy

Joint is known as the place where two or more bones are joined together. They are designed in a way to permit mobility and give support to the skeletal system of any animal.

There are two different problems that affect dog joints.

Degenerative problems: This type of problem include arthritis, which is an inflammatory condition causing swelling, pain, wear and tear on the knee, back, shoulder and hip of the animal.

Developmental Problems: This type of problem includes dysplasia, which is known as the abnormality in the development of joints caused by environmental factors.

Symptoms of joint pain in dogs

These are clear signs that your dog has joint pain

  • When you dog start having distress in walking and then you observe your dog isn’t as active as it used to be, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with the joint.
  • Have you ever noticed your dog lifting its limbs up for so long? If yes, it is a sign that they have problem with their limbs and they do that to ease the pain.
  • Swollen joint is a clear sign your dog have joint problem.

Treatments for dog joint pains

There are two approaches to treat a dog joint issue and they both rely upon the condition of the joint damage. The method of joint treatment is in two sections; a surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment of joint entails sterilizing of the joint and sometimes it requires the replacement of the joint, however you should only opt for this method after other treatment options have proven ineffective.

Non-surgical treatment of dog joint is the act of using different method such as exercise, medications, home care and the use of supplements.

Daily exercise

If you really want to help your dog ease the pain they feel on their joint, then you must cultivate the habit of dog walking. Dog walking is generally known as low impact exercise and this helps to increase your dog tendon and muscles strength.

Home Care

Pet heat pads have proven to help reduce the pain and stiffness of joints for dogs and cats. All you need to do is to make a provision for a place, put your dog on the heat pad and let it soothes the joint, keeping the joint warm and reducing the pain on the joint.

There are lots of fake pet heat pads in the market and this is why you have to consult the experts www.petnap.co.uk , and be rest assured you are getting a quality product.


You must not use this method without the consent of your veterinarian. It is their responsibility to recommend treatment for your dog based on its health condition.

Irrespective of any means of treatment you decide to give your dog, I will suggest you consult your veterinarian.

Five Reasons why Custom Landscaping Makes a Home Sell Faster

Professional custom landscaping services increase the appeal of a home to prospective buyers. Additionally, custom landscaping and the value of a home go hand in hand, which means that a homeowner is most likely to achieve a higher asking price when the time comes for selling it. So, what role does custom landscaping play in increasing home value?

1. Custom Landscaping Shows How Much a Home Has Been Cared for

Impeccable patios and plants, well-manicured gardens and custom bridges show a potential buyer that a home has been well cared for in the past. The landscape design also signals to the buyer that the seller has also taken care of the inside of the home well. Well-cared lawns and gardens also communicate to the buyer that he has fewer headaches to fix things before moving in. Buying a home is a huge step in mind, but knowing that a home is well taken care of eases the mind of a prospective buyer.

2. Custom Landscaping Makes the Home Stand Out From the Rest

Many homes spot a common look – grass growing in the front yard and some shrubs, but if a landscape has extra special features that separate it from the pack, buyers notice it. This is because rare landscape features are much more than common items.

3. Unique Landscaping Adds Space to a Home

Imagine…it is a warm summer evening and all you want is to sit in the open and have a barbecue with your family. This is possible only when there is enough space to relax. Having a well-manicured lawn, cobbled paths, a custom pool and enough shade offers enough space to host guests as well as offering play space for family and guests. This is an attractive feature for any home, and buyers get attracted to such an arrangement instantly.

4. Increases the Overall Aesthetic of a Neighborhood

Each home is part of a wider neighborhood, and each home contributes to the reputation of the area. A neighborhood having homes with well-tended lawns and special features increases the feel of the neighborhood, which in turn attracts quality homeowners. With time, the price of homes in such n area increases, which translates into a higher return on original investment.

5. Transforms an Old Home Positively

An unattractive landscape makes a home look older than it actually is. A custom landscaping job, on the other hand, makes an old home look fresh and new.

Time for Buyers to Come Running!

The benefits that custom landscaping services from http://jscustomlandscaping.com/ bring to a home during the selling process are endless. A custom landscape job makes a prospective owner see themselves soaking up the sun in a well-manicured garden or hosting friends on one of the summer evenings. Apart from making a home sell faster, such a step adds value to a home, increasing the return on investment.

Why Petrol Powered Cars Are Better Than Electric Ones

In recent years, we had an opportunity to see a lot of people who are completely crazy about electric cars. They claim that they are great for the environment, they are fun to drive and they have full potential. Although this sounds impressive, it isn’t actually true. If you are considering about getting a new petrol or electric car, there are some facts you should know.

According to the BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex electric cars are not ready for commercial applications. They aren’t well-developed and there are a lot of problems with them. All of this suggests that buying a gas powered car is a much better and safer alternative.

One of the biggest illusions is that electric cars are affordable. Some models are almost 2 times more expensive than equivalent, petrol powered cars! Their maintenance is expensive as well, and in a case you need to replace a part, you will definitely get a high bill. Nevertheless, there are some even more concerning problems, such as:

  • Electric cars have apoor range (50 miles).
  • They are slow.
  • Only small electric cars are available on the market (hatchbacks).
  • You will need up to 24 hours to recharge a battery.
  • A battery must be replaced every 5 years.

The biggest concern is with the batteries these cars have. They can last up to 10 years, but if you use quick charging, you will short their lifespan. Then, you will have to replace them after 3-4 years. If you know that they can cost up to 50% of the entire car value, you can understand how serious this replacement may be.

How to drive a cool car and still be friendly to the environment

As you have realized, electric cars are not something you should use nor something that will protect the environment. However, there are some ways you can use to drive a cool car and still reduce the impact it makes on the environment.

The main thing here is to get a car with the latest engine. It makes less CO2 than older cars and it has lower fuel consumption. Some of the best you can get are BMW, Mercedes, and Mini. Then, it comes to driving. Driving it slower and avoid traffic jams would maximize the effect.

If you get a car with a start-stop system that shuts down the engine at a traffic light, you will get even better fuel economy.

A Note On The Queries Regarding The Usage Of Yoghurt Maker

Yoghurt is one of the food substances having all the essential vitamins and mineral needed to keep your body healthy and active. All kinds of yoghurt are favourites of the individuals, who like to lose weight utilising natural methods.

There are ranges of yoghurt makers available in kitchen appliance vendor’s shop. Hence, shoppers get little confused while buying the maker. Here are some queries assisting you to decide the best one having magnificent confrontation among the lot.

The queries and answers are:

  • How long it will take to make yoghurt in the makers?
  • Probably, 8 to 15 hours depending upon various factors like the quality of the starter, its quantity, the kind of milk used, temperature activated, flavours and the capacity of the yoghurt container.
  • Is using the container of the curd maker essential?
  • What kind of milk is best to make curd by using this kitchen tool?
    • You can use any kind of milk like skimmed, low fat or any other kind of milk. However the thickness of the curd depends upon the density of the milk content.
  • Which curd starter will give better results?
    • The best suitable starter will be the one having active cultures which can be easily obtained from recently made yoghurt. The quantity of the starts to be used depends upon the milk to be converted into curd and the quality of the starter.
  • Can the curd be flavoured?
    • Surely, you can do it with the aid of yoghurt maker. You just need to choose the flavour you prefer to be used in the making of good quality curd.

In advanced yoghurt makers, there is an indicator to show that your curd is ready to eat or used as a food ingredient to cook delicious dishes. While purchasing yoghurt maker, make sure that you get a guaranteed product and also to find the product with magnificent confrontation reviews.

Types of Paint Sprayers and When to Use them to get the Finest Output in Painting Projects

Before buying a spray painter, you must know the type of paint you will use for the painting job. There are several factors to be noted before buying spray painters. You must know if you need continuous painting, the volume and pressure required when spray painting. The surface on which you will paint can also help you purchase a spray painter that suits the job.

Spray painters are more than a paintbrush

Painting on a canvas is different than painting a larger surface area, such as, walls, wooden surfaces, etc. When you use the right tool for the painting job, you will get the finest looking output. You can buy from three types of spray painters depending upon the job. One is the airless spray painter that is ideally used for painting fences, decks, cabinets, shutters, etc. They can be filled with thicker paints for painting jobs.

How to best use the spray painters

  • When using a compressed air sprayer use a hose as the spray pressure is more
  • Compressed air sprayers are more messier than the other sprayers
  • The HVLP paint sprayers are more expensive but give perfect finish
  • The HVLP paint sprayer are slower in their spraying mechanism
  • Always cover yourself well when using sprayers as they can shoot toxins into the skin
  • Do not use spray painters for painting smaller areas as the clean up can be tedious

Dos and don’ts of spray painting

When spray painting, always tape and cover other surrounding areas, so it won’t get messier. You can paint smoothly using the finest quality of paint sprayers. The perfect finish cannot be achieved when using a brush or a roller. Paint sprayers are ideally suitable for painting an entire empty room and furniture.

Paint sprayers cover even hard to reach areas that rollers and brushes cannot reach for painting projects. However, if you need a smoother finish for your painting job, you can use the compressed air sprayer and have an air compressor fitted. You can use this sprayer to paint furniture, and other larger items. The High Volume Low Pressure sprayer can be used to paint doors and panels.


Most of the sprayers come with adjustable features and are portable. You will find paint sprayers that are electric, cordless, or use gas to function. They also come with accessories, such as, filters, extension rods, and protective gears to help carry the paint jobs with perfection.

How To Buy Plate Carriers?

Plate carriers are basically used as body armor but you can use them for many other purposes also such as to carry mission supplies, for law enforcement, etc. Plate carriers can also be used for fun activities like paintball. Soldiers have to wear plate carriers while being on duty. Plate carriers provide protection against rifle rounds and other bodily harms. Individual officers nowadays are taking more interest in buying armor plates because of the increase in incidents related to active shooters.

Plate Carrier Zone provides you all the important information regarding plate carriers. If you are interested in buying plate carriers you should know everything about it. It is not easy to buy the right kind of plate carriers if you don’t know much about plate carriers and their types. You should consider the following things while shopping for the new plate carrier or tactical vest-

  • Plate material – While purchasing a plate carrier, you should consider the plate material. Ballistic plates are made of different materials including polyethylene, ceramic and steel. Each kind of material has its own features. Different plate carriers have different types of ballistic plates.
  • Protection – Protection of your body is the main job of plate carriers and tactical vests. You should buy a plate carrier that can protect you from the threats you may have to encounter with. Soft armor is suitable for repelling handgun rounds whereas high level plate carriers are suitable for repelling rifle rounds.
  • Weight – You should consider the weight of your plate carrier while purchasing it otherwise you will have to suffer badly later on. The weight of your plate carrier should be suitable for the size of your chest and your body. If your plate carrier is too heavy, you will find difficulty in running at fast speed. It will affect your response time.
  • Ventilation – You will have to load the plate carrier with supplies while being on mission. Then you have to wear the fully loaded plate carrier on your body. It may cause lot of sweat on your body. Therefore, the plate carrier you are going to buy must be made of breathable material to allow proper ventilation.
  • Fully adjustable – Everything that you wear on your body must be according to the size of your body. This rule applies to plate carriers and tactical vests also. They should not be tight on your body otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.

Treating The Problem Of Swirl Flaps In Top Branded Cars

Some car models have serious design errors that pose problems to the car drivers when they drive the cars. The only way to avoid such troubles is to send the car for the repair services when they notice that problems are becoming a trouble in driving the car. Swirl flap is a small butterfly shaped part of the car that is fitted into a part which is just in front of the cylinder of many automobiles. These are helpful in enhancing the performance of the car engine by improving the combustion at very low rate. It partially prevents the airflow to go through intake manifold. It is because of this that the air moves at higher velocity and enables better mixing or swirling of air for better combustion. Swirl flaps are found in all the top branded cars despite it is the diesel car or gas car. Due to the repetitive functioning, it is at higher risk of getting damaged. Visit www.pmwltd.co.uk to know the Swirl flap issue.

Common issues with Swirl flap

Problems which are very common with swirl flaps are that they can get struck open, closed or get broken. Poor design of the swirl flaps are at higher risk to damage. Another problem that is common with the swirl flaps is that small screws that hold the flap with shaft either get loosen or it gets broken that makes it no more functional.

These are the possible problems that can happen in the car. So, there is a need to get the swirl flap checked and repaired by the professionals. Damage to the swirl flaps can also be caused due to the wearing and tearing of the parts of the car or car accident.

Fixing the trouble                                                                  

There are lots of reliable car repair companies that repair it very easily. You need to take the services of the reliable car repair company for the effective job done. The problem of swirl flaps can also be resolved when you get the car for MOT test. In that test, your car will undergo various test and inspections in which the damaged swirl flap can be identified and replaced.

For fixing the swirl flap related trouble, there is a need to remove the inlet manifold shaft and clean it thoroughly with steam. A small valve is attached that is cleaned with the cleaning tool. Broken or damaged flap is then replaced with the new one and fixed back again on the shaft. Now, inlet manifold gasket is also fitted to correct the wrong design.

Finding the Perfect Rental Apartment in Amsterdam at Affordable Rates

Searching for a place in a new city is always frustrating. First of all, you are new to the place and to top it all, you need to find a reasonable accommodation. If you plan to travel to Amsterdam for either personal or professional work, then you need to do your homework well in advance.

Updating Yourself with Different Rental Properties

Now, before you jump onto online portals and begin house hunting, you need to understand different rental options available for you to choose from. Amsterdam is known for their social housing facilities. In simple words, many of the Dutch people rent out their homes to travellers or expats.

They have a waiting list system, wherein, if you have any Dutch connection then, the possibility of you getting an accommodation in Amsterdam is quite high. Another option available to you is going through private rental markets. Here you may have to pay a slightly higher price that in the case of social housing. If you find that all such costs are too much to bear, you can always think of sharing an apartment with any colleague or fellow traveller.

Searching Through Online Property Portals

Online portals are an easy way to search for rental apartments in Amsterdam. However, you first need to decide what type of accommodation are you looking for and what is your budget. Secondly you need to check your convenience. How far would your apartment be from famous landmark or your office? If you like an apartment and would like more information about it, you can always contact the owner or estate agent and enquire on the same.

If you like an apartment, ensure that you immediately call up and fix an appointment with the owner or estate agent. Some of the things that you might want to keep in handy would be:

  • Keep all the necessary documents in handy
  • Ensure that you ask for a personal tour of the property
  • Stick to the time schedule provided by you
  • If you like what you see, ensure that you submit the necessary documents right away to seal the deal
  • Ensure that you go through the contract and see if it is as per your expectations

If you have a doubt in regard to the contract, ensure that you get it cleared right away.


Language can sometimes become a barrier. If you find the language to be a barrier when it comes to communicating with the owner, then you can always take the help of your friends or colleagues who are fluent in Dutch.